We all have good intentions, right? We want to eat right. We want to exercise. We want to save money. We want to spend more time with our family. We want to start a business. We want to write a … Continue reading

On my Facebook fan page, I typically post self-talk thoughts that I call my “Notes to Self.” Here was my NTS I posted earlier today: “I am a product of my decision.” You are a product of your decisions as … Continue reading

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Having a vision is the single most important thing you need for success. This is true no matter how you define success. Whether it’s attaining goals, making more money, having a specific job title, entrepreneurial or business endeavors, or whatever … Continue reading

Imagine 18 years after the death of your baby boy, who died one month after birth, opening up your door to find two police officers who inform you that they are looking for him for murder. What would you do … Continue reading