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The Money Habit That Can Boost Your Wealth

Financial Independence

Pay yourself first!!  The first bill you pay each month should be to yourself.

Before you pay your bills, buy groceries, or do anything else with money you receive, set aside a portion of your income for you and your future.

Put the money into a money market savings account for your security. You need 3-6 months (or more) of accessible cash in case of emergencies. Once you have that in place, secure your future with insurance and investing in fixed income investments like government bonds.

You don’t want to depend solely on the government for your retirement – trust me, if it’s going to be available to you by the time you retire, it will not be enough; therefore contribute to your 401(k) or a Roth IRA. If your company matches funds – all the more reason because it will build up your account faster. When it comes to retirement – no amount is going to be too much!

Your Dreams
What would you like to do? Would you like to own a home? Start a family? Travel? Whatever it is, set aside a portion towards your dream.

I believe in order to receive, you must first give; therefore, set aside a portion to tithe or give to your favorite charity. (BONUS: This amount is tax deductible if given to a qualified non-profit organization.)

In other words, the goal of paying yourself first is to help make sure your future self’s key financial goals are covered.

I don’t have to share with you what happens if you try to do this AFTER paying your other bills – we all know this cycle too well. If you want to create a secure financial future (and live with less stress) just do it.

This means you need to get into the mind-set of paying yourself first and that can be a challenge for even the most money-savvy among us. To help, have the money taken from your account BEFORE you even see it. You can set up direct-deposit contributions to designated accounts (money-market savings, retirement, etc.) before that money hits your checking account.

The choice is yours. YOU DECIDE how much to contribute each month. My recommendation is to set aside a percentage for each category.

For Example: A starting goal could be to pay yourself 10% of any income you receive. From there, you can allocate 4% to one category, 2% to another, 3% to yet another and 1% to the final – you get the idea?

If you do this, don’t be surprised if over time your income increases. Why? Because you will have started to handle money wisely and the universe will reward you by sending more your way. Once this happens make sure to increase the percentage amount.

Bottom Line: Pay Yourself First! This money habit can help you create wealth.




We all have good intentions, right?

We want to eat right.
We want to exercise.
We want to save money.
We want to spend more time with our family.
We want to start a business.
We want to write a book.

…the list goes on…

But then what happens? Life gets in the way. We run out of time and energy.

Well guess what? In order for those good intentions to manifest into reality you need to control part of your day. How? Get up earlier!

Think about it, by the end of the day you’re probably too tired and mentally drained to even think about doing anything else. Therefore, use the time you have when you you’re rested and have untapped energy.

Keep these two things in mind:

  1. If you have enough burning desire to do “your thing” you would find the time and the energy.
  1. If at the end your day you’ve burned all your willpower, wake up an hour earlier and get to work “on your thing” before life gets in the way.

Bottom Line: If you are having problems getting motivated to do things (write your book or start that online business or hit the gym), try doing something about it before anything else in the morning.


Do You Self-Talk?


On my Facebook fan page, I typically post self-talk thoughts that I call my “Notes to Self.” Here was my NTS I posted earlier today:

“I am a product of my decision.”

You are a product of your decisions as well. Think about it. Where you are today is a result of all the decisions you’ve made up to this point.

This can be a good thing or bad thing, depending on your level of satisfaction. If you are generally satisfied with where you are at this point in life, I commend you.  Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working for you.

However, if you are not satisfied with where you are in life – the good news is it’s not too late. You can make changes. It’s time to take action. What action you take depends on what it is that you want to improve – but the bottom line is – it starts with you making a decision to make a change.

Is there anything you want to change?


Are you sick and tired of being broke?


If you you’re really sick and tired of being broke, I’m going to share three things that you can start doing TODAY that will help you.

Take Care of Yourself
Get into physical shape. I recommend you start with your diet, but you can also start an exercise program or even go for a walk. What does this have to do with being broke? Getting your body into physical shape requires developing good habits and discipline – these two things are also required when making and more importantly, keeping money.

Clean Up Your Environment
Do a massive clean and purge. I’ve written before about how you need to let go of things in your life in order to make room for something better. What does this have to do with being broke? Beside clearing room for good things to come to you, cleaning up your environment means organizing things and being organized is a skill that will help you keep track of all the money that you will be attracting.

Eliminate What’s Draining Your Energy:
OMG this is huge! There are likely certain people, dynamics and even words you use that are draining your energy. Guess what? Money is an energy, too and your money will always equal your energy. The higher your energy, the more money you will attract!

Bottom Line: If you’re tired of being broke, focus on your life. Just a little change can make a big change. Take care of yourself, clean up your environment and eliminate who and/or what is draining your energy. These steps will help you develop the habits you need in order to attract more money into your life.


3 Ways to Invest in Yourself


I recently posted a picture on social media that says “Invest in Yourself”. This weekend someone commented with a question, “How?” This is an excellent question and will be the subject of this post.

Before I tell you the steps, I’m asking you to first define what you want to Do or Be. This is an important step because everything should start with a goal. This will lay the foundation for your plan of investing into yourself. Let’s assume you’ve already determined a goal, now you’re ready for the action steps:

Expand Your Mind
Learning new things and keeping your mind active helps to grow and maintain your mental ability. There’s several ways you can do this: travel, talking and learning from new people but the in my opinion, the best way to accomplish this is to read!

What types of books you should be reading? Read books from the following subject areas: Biographies, History, Philosophy and Personal Development.

Develop Skills
We all want to be better at something. After all, self-improvement is necessary to getting ahead in life. In this area, the learning techniques will vary depending on the skill and the person, but here are some suggestions you can follow.

Conduct a Google search to find trainings, online courses, eBooks and even YouTube videos on the subject area of your choice. You’ll also be able to find local on-site trainings or classes.

Develop Habits
Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Taking a long-term view of success is critical and discipline is how you get from where you are now to where you want to go. I could write a whole blog on this subject alone – and I probably will in the future. In the meantime, I recommend you read this book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. It’s available on Audible for my auditory learners.

Bottom Line: Investing in yourself will be the most profitable investment you can ever make. Invest in yourself by expanding your mind, developing new skills and developing good habits. The effort you put into consistently investing in yourself is the best way to achieve a better quality of life now and in the future.


Are you Living the Life you Want?


If you look over my last few blog topics this week, you’ll notice a theme.

Here they are:
How to Let Go
3 Things to do When You’re Struggling
How to Get What You Want
Do you have a Vision?

Bottom Line: If there are things you want in life, there are things you have to do to get them.  It starts with YOU. It’s not going to be easy – you will face challenges, but if you want them bad enough, you will find a way.

Here’s a poem my mom wrote that will inspire you.

Get up! Hurry it up! Take control! 
This is your life don’t let it fold.
Look in the mirror what do you see,
Is this the person you want to be?
Stir up those sparks have no shame
This is your life make it a flame.
Life will be better you will see,
Open your door YOU have the key.

Own your health, own your wealth, own your life!


How to Let Go

Do you find that you are ambitious with dreams, plans and goals, but you can’t manifest the things that you want and deserve?

Do you find that you’re in a slump and you just can’t seem to muster up the energy to do anything more than what you’re currently doing – as a matter-of-a-fact, you really don’t even have the energy to even do that which you’re currently doing!

Do you find that there just isn’t enough time in the day to get all of the things accomplished that you want?

Are you happy with your current physical appearance?

Have you considered that perhaps the reason you are in your current predicament is because you’re holding onto too much?

Too much what? STUFF!




Undermines (your)

Focus (or)


Stuff basically falls into one of three categories:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional or
  3. Relationship

Physical Stuff

Some examples of physical stuff include: clothing, knick-knacks and other household items, collections, etc.

My clothes tend to pile up because although I’m pretty diligent about washing them, the process of folding and putting them away just kinds of escape me most times. I know I should probably just hire someone to do this mundane task for me, but I haven’t. And it’s a good thing because I wouldn’t have had this revelation:

Last night I decided to fold and put away the 3- 4 loads that had piled up (including unpacked suitcases from trips taken weeks ago), but before I did, I thought about why I let the clothes pile up to begin with. I came to the conclusion that I had too many! I didn’t put them away because there really wasn’t any room to put them.

Take a look around your house – what do you see? Is it disorganized and cluttered?

 Emotional Stuff

Some examples of emotional stuff include feelings of guilt, sadness, anxiousness, or any one of many feelings that you could name that don’t serve you.

I have a friend that was molested as a child and she never addressed it with special help. With this type of experience, you can’t help but internalize it and blame yourself. This has wrecked her confidence and security. She can’t hold onto a job and she’s constantly looking for approval.

What emotional stuff are you holding onto?

Relationship Stuff

The examples of relationship stuff revolves around being in the wrong type of relationship like being in an unhealthy co-dependent one, being with the wrong guy, being with too many guys, hanging around the wrong crowd, etc.

Think about of your current relationships – are they serving you or hindering you?

Stuff is the baggage that is making you miss out on your blessings. When your baggage is too full you cannot put anything else in it no matter how good it is for you. The good things can’t come because there’s no room for it.

It’s time to let go!

How do you do it?

  1. Identify the stuff that you are holding on to and meditate on why.
  2. Get rid of it! (This may require that you get help.)

Bottom Line: Identify and then let go of anything that is not serving you so that you will have room for the blessings you deserve.

Be sure to sign up for my webinar that will show you how to get organized.  Click here.


3 Things To Do When You’re Struggling

“Facing difficulties is inevitable, learning from them is optional” – John Maxwell

There will be a time in your life where you will have difficulties, whether it’s seemingly small like a dispute over the price of an item in a store to going through the death of a loved one. Only you know what your current struggles are.

Here are three ways that have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life.

1. Have Faith

I believe faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – that boils down to two words: trust and believe. You must trust that things will evidently work out. To help you do this, look over your past experiences – both good and bad and you will see that things turned out as they should. It may or may not have been the way you wanted it to, but you survived with the outcome.

Next you must accept that whatever you are going through is preparing you for a greater purpose. It is not necessary that you understand what it is. Know that you were put here on this earth for a purpose and all the challenges you face either brings you closer to that purpose, or challenges you while you’re doing it. These challenges are like tests. Some you will pass, others you will fail, but you will go through them over and over because that’s life.

However, right now you must believe this this too shall pass.

2. Be Grateful

Did you read what I wrote above? You have a purpose!! I know right now this will be very hard to comprehend. In 1997 hen I lost my father, being grateful about my purpose was the furthest thing in my mind; however, because I had faith, I at least understood what I was going through was necessary. I didn’t internalize it.

What I did instead was focus my gratitude outwardly. I started doing things for other people. This helped me take the focus off of me and the pain I was going through and turn it into something good. You may not be in a mindset to start doing things for others so at the very least start a gratitude journal where every day you write down at least one thing that you’re grateful for. In other words, do something positive other than marinating in your struggles.

3. Do Share

I must admit this one is still a work in process for me although every time I do it I get positive results; but I wasn’t brought up to share my problems with “the world”. So to compromise, I’m not asking you to share your struggles with the world, but do share it with someone. I purposely left off “someone you trust” because I’ve found that sometimes it’s actually easier to share your struggles with a perfect stranger.

Several times I’ve been on the receiving end of this – meaning people I didn’t really know have told me their struggles. Remember earlier when I talked about having faith? Well it’s during these times that I know at that moment I’m living in my purpose! I’m able to help them because I, too, have had struggles – and it’s not ironic that the ones they tell me about are exactly like the ones I went through.

Bottom Line: You will go through struggles in life but have faith that you will get through them. Be gracious in the knowledge that the struggles will prepare you for your greater purpose and make sure you share your testimony.


How to Get What You want

Fill in the blank: I want to ___________.

Think hard about this before you answer this because I’m going to tell you how to get “it” – and as the warning goes, “be careful with what you ask for!”

The first step to getting what you want is convincing yourself that you are the blank (what you filled in the blank above)!

For example, if you filled in that you wanted to “lose weight”. You have to convince yourself that you are “lose weight” – WAIT, that doesn’t make sense! Well, that’s my point. The main reason why you’re not losing weight is because you’re not being specific enough. Your want is not SMAART.

What is a SMAART goal?

SMAART is an acronym that helps you achieve what you want by setting a goal.

S: Specific – your goal must be specific.

M: Measurable – your goal needs to be measurable

A: Attainable – Is it humanly possible to achieve this goal?

A: Ambitious – stretch yourself…if you’re already on the pathway, what’s the point?

R: Reason/Reward – what will you get from achieving this goal?

T: Timely – When will your goal be achieved?

In other words, meditate on what it is that you really want! Don’t just arbitrarily throw something out in the universe and expect to get the returns you want.

Okay, let’s assume that you really do want to lose weight but you’re more specific so you modify the blank to read “lose 30 pounds by March 15, 2017”. Now you need to convince yourself that you are 30 pounds lighter – that’s doable.

Imagine yourself 30 pounds lighter. What does that look like to you? What does that feel like? Be very clear and concise in your vision. (Did you read my blog yesterday? It talks about having a vision.)

Now you’re ready for the second step: start acting like you already are 30 pounds lighter. In other words, behave as if you’re 30 pounds lighter; walk like you’re 30 pounds lighter; do things as if you’re 30 pounds lighter… you get the point, right?

This step is really an extension of the first one but it goes a step further because now you’re taking action by doing things. If you’re having trouble, think of a person that has (or is) what you want. How does that person behave? What does that person do? Imitate the actions of that person. Be yourself. Modify your actions.

When you get ready to go grocery shopping ask yourself, “Will this purchase get me closer or further away from my goal?” As a matter of a fact, ask yourself that before taking any action. Additionally ask yourself, “What can I do to take me closer to my goal?

If you do the two steps I mentioned above, you will have whatever it is you want!

Bottom Line: It is possible to get what you want. Make sure what you want is specific, measurable, attainable, ambitious, there’s a reason/reward and timely.

*I am a certified life coach. If you would like me to help you reach your goals, click here to receive a free 30-min phone consultation.



Do You Have a Vision?

Having a vision is the single most important thing you need for success. This is true no matter how you define success. Whether it’s attaining goals, making more money, having a specific job title, entrepreneurial or business endeavors, or whatever it is, it’s all about having a clear and concise vision. Having clear vision will define and shape your future.

 What is a vision?

A vision is a reason for your being – it’s what you want in life. It is the road map that will guide you to the destination you set for yourself.  It will help you see further into the future than you could with your own eyes.

How do I create one?

The first step to creating vision is to meditate. Be still and close your eyes and ask yourself what is it that you want. This may seem easy, but actually this may take you a few times before the real vision is revealed to you – so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work at first.

Sitting still and meditating on what you really want will take practice. Don’t be tempted to skip this step. It’s an important one since it will train you in patience because having a clear, concise vision will also take practice and patience.

Once you have a firm idea on what you want, now it’s time to ask yourself questions so that the vision will become even more clearer to you.

Start with these:

  1. What is my purpose in life?
  2. What do I want out of life?
  3. Specifically what does this look like (referring to #2)
  4. What does it feel like?
  5. What do I need to do to accomplish this?

Keep in mind that having a vision isn’t enough, you have to keep adjusting it so you don’t limit your options. You should be constantly updating and revising it so that it keeps in pace with your current reality. Remember, the clearer you see your vision, the closer you are to obtaining the success you want.

Bottom Line: In order to receive the success you want in life, it is important to have a firm idea of what you want. This starts with having a clear and concise vision.

I invite you to attend my next webinar that will help you obtain a clearer vision on your financial future. Request information by clicking here.

Own your health, own your wealth, own your life!