A Very Important Life Skill to Have

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The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills.

Communication is the process by which we exchange information between one place to another. It is a process where we try as clearly and accurately as we can, to convey our thoughts, intentions and objectives.

Understand that there are two types of responses that can be received from a person: 

1. A loving response

2. A cry for help

When your interpretation of a response from someone is other than one of love, ask yourself the following question, “What’s going on with this person that is making him or her treat me this way?

Keep in mind when someone responds to you other than what you expected (which is a loving response), their reaction is based upon one of two things:

(1) their own mental state or

(2) their interpretation of what has (and sometimes has not) been communicated by you.  

In other words, all you can control is your ability to communicate more effectively, you cannot control the interpretation of it.  

Additionally, understand that sometimes the response you receive has nothing to do with you!

It all can be very complicated, but here are 3 transformation tips that can help you stay in a calm, patient space so that you can respond in a loving way: 

1.  Begin keeping track of the judgmental thoughts that you allow into your mind each day.  Increasing your awareness of this judging habit will help you consult your loving presence as these judgmental attitudes surface.

2. Give more of yourself, ask less in return.  When serving others become a priority, you will start asking the universe, on a daily basis, “How may I serve?” 

3. Always give a loving response. Think and when appropriate say, “how can I make you feel better?

 Commit to having fun-loving response in all circumstances and your life will change forever.

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