Abundance is All Around You

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Abundance is all around you.

Looking for it is like a fish looking for water.

Unfortunately, when we hear about abundance it’s usually in reference to money.

Money is part of it, but it is much more than that!

It’s the air we breathe.

It’s in the trees.
It’s in the grass.
It’s in our family.
It’s in our friends.

It is energy!!

Abundance has no limits. It relates to a state of being. 

By the grace of God, it is already ours!

Where does the scarcity mentality come from?

It comes from our focus on past experiences of abundance. In other words, it comes from experiencing a contradiction of what we want.

For example, let’s say that you just lost your job, your mind will immediately go to the troubles that you will “possibly” encounter, the bills that will be unpaid, not being able to buy food or provide for your family etc.

This auto pilot fear of not having enough is unfounded.

You want the job NOW!

What you fail to “see” is that this is a new opportunity for you. 

If you were being honest with yourself you didn’t even like that job to begin with you were just staying there because of the ‘perceived’ security but you were miserable.

There are tons of jobs out there…even the right one for you!

The problem is because you’re focusing on your short-term ‘inconvenience’ you fail to see abundance.

Doing this blocks you from attracting abundance because you are giving attention to the lack of what you want instead of the fulfillment of what you want.

Inside you were really asking for a better situation! 

But when the opportunity presented itself, fear took over.

You know in your heart when one door closes, another opens.

Now don’t beat yourself up over this. It’s been happening a very long time now.  The difference is now you understand it.

So instead of feeling that you don’t have enough….whether it be time, money, love, opportunities, joy, creativity, etc…

Trust that you will have enough today and that tomorrow the universe will provide exactly what you need.

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