It’s All About Procrastination!!  Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? This too can help you with procrastination.

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 Rule states that 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results; 20% of your customers will account for 80% of your sales; 20% of your products or services will account for 80% of your profits, and so on.

Many people focus on their number of tasks and amount of activity, rather than the importance of the tasks or the achievements.

Find the top task that’s worth the other tasks combined – this is the frog you must eat first.  Often, this is also the most difficult and complex task you’ll tend to procrastinate on.

The crux of time management is to control your sequence of events, or what you do next.  Resist the temptation to clear the small tsk first.

Start your day by asking “is this task in the top 20% or bottom 80% of my activities. Then focus only on the most vital tasks first.

Here are the lessons we’ve discussed so far:

  • 3 D’s of New Habit Formation
    • Decision
    • Discipline
    • Determination
  • Set the Table
  • Plan Every Day in Advance
  • Apply the 80/20 Rule to Everything

Completing an important job need not take more time than an unimportant one, but it’ll yield greater satisfaction.


Take your list from yesterday where you listed all of your key goals, responsibilities, projects and activities (Master list).  Identify the top 10-20% and work on them first.

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