Are You Being Authentic?

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What does being authentic mean?

  • It means behaving in a way that feels meaningful and real.
  • It means being true to yourself.
  • It means being honest and self-aware.
  • It means coming from a real place within.
  • It is being ourselves and not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told what we should be.

How can you tell if you’re NOT being authentic?

  • At a certain point in your life you may find that you’ve reached a place where you feel stuck.
  • You’ve been disconnected from the things that really matter and drive you.
  • And as a result you’re no longer infusing those things into your daily life.
  • You are in a rut.
  • You’re just simply going through comfortable motions and routines in life.
  • You manage rather than challenge the status quo.
  • You are holding back on sharing your true self.
  • You don’t take care of yourself.

Well guess what – it’s time to take charge of who you really are!

What could you do?


Now what in the heck does that mean?

  • It means recognizing that you are worthy and that you have an opinion and that you deserve to be here.
  • It means forgiving yourself and move on.
  • It means accepting that you have flaws and coming to terms with those.
  • Frankly, it means not worrying about what other people think or what their opinions are of you.

Be you and accept who you really are!

Authenticity is different for each individual. It is a continuous process, not an event.

It is fundamental to having a truly satisfying and fulfilling life.

Not only is it vital for your relationship with others but more importantly for your relationship with yourself.

So find and celebrate the real you!

When you learn to accept yourself, you’re likely to find the others will accept you too – but if they don’t, it doesn’t even matter.

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