Forgive Yourself!

Are you beating yourself up by saying things like you’re terrible at time management, or that you have no will power or self-discipline – or even saying you’re not organized??

If so, STOP IT! These negative thoughts are not serving you and they are flat out WRONG!

Let me explain why:

There are two types of procrastination:  destructive & productive procrastination.


Are you working on a creative project that does not have deadline but you find it hard to stay fully focused?  Well, this type of procrastination is part of the creative process! If you’re not getting the results you want, give the project you’re working on a little bit of time.

Set it aside – even if it’s for a few weeks – and focus your energy on something else.  Come back to it later and you’ll have fresher eyes.


This is the type of procrastination I’ve been focusing on in my earlier blogs this month.  It’s when you are avoiding completing a task that you know will have negative consequences if you don’t finish it.

But don’t beat yourself up!  Understand that procrastination is not a form of laziness and it has nothing to do with work.  It is actually a coping mechanism for dealing with stress – and it’s not the work stress – it’s much much larger!  These are other stresses you have in your life such as financial stresses or stresses with your relationships.

Here’s a 3-Step Process that will help you eliminate procrastinating:

  1. Forgive yourself! This will stop the never-ending cycle.
  2. Time Travel – Ask yourself, “What would your future self do?
  3. Get Started!

Understand that when you are procrastinating, it’s a subconscious desire to feel good right now so you can feel a little bit of stress relief.  So stop beating yourself up!

Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, and win or lose – just do it!





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