How Do You Cope with Stress & Trauma?

2017-06-19 07.10.18

When faced with stress or trauma how do you manage these painful situations?

Here are 3 mechanisms to help you cope:

Support. Talking about a stressful event with a supportive person can be an effective way to manage the stress.

Meditation. This is the very best method for quieting and stilling the mind. 

A meditation session will  eliminate whatever stress your cells are currently holding while preventing future stress from snowballing into anything unmanageable like anxiety, depression or any other disease.

Physical activity. Surprised? By now you know this tops my list of anything dealing with health! (…or so it seems.)¬†

Exercise can serve as a natural and healthy form of relieving stress. Walking, running, swimming, yoga and many other types of physical activity can help you cope with any stressful situation and even the aftereffects of dramatic events.

Please, find an effective way to cope with the pains in life so you can enjoy the pleasures of life

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