How to Lighten Your Load


You only lose what you cling to. (Buddha)

Dramatic life changes can occur when you make a conscious effort to only surround yourself with those higher value things that you truly desire in your life.

Do you have an assortment of stuff that you don’t use or simply takes up space?

Do you have ongoing obligations to things that add little to no value to your life that you wouldn’t agree to do if you were asked to commit to them today?

If you answered “yes’’ any of these questions, guess what? It’s time to lighten your load.  Here are three things you can do to start:

  1. Let go of the concept that more is better. This idea keeps us constantly seeking more stuff. You can replace the more-is-better belief with an inner serenity that does not need “more” to be acceptable.
  1. Lighten your material load, starting TODAY. As you do so, less energy is spent hoarding, insuring, moving, polishing, and so on. The less attached you are to your possessions, and the more you are able to share them with others unconditionally, the more peaceful your life will be.
  1. Practice generosity. People who give willingly of their possessions and their money are not doing it because they “have it to give.” They are coming from a special heart space that is attracted to serving and sharing. We can all give something in the service of others and in service of our higher-selves.

By learning to let go of the non-essential things that contribute very little value to your life, it will enable you to make room for things of higher value.

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