Maximize Your Powers

Do you:

  • look for good in every situation?
  • find the valuable lesson in every difficulty?
  • look for solutions in every problem?
  • think and constantly take about your goals?

If you do these things, you are considered an optimist!

Productive people motivate themselves by becoming optimists. This is one of the two powers you’ll want to maximize in order to get things done.

 The second important requirement for being happy and productive is for you to guard and nurture your energy levels at all times. Your energy level declines as the day goes on, so it’s best to leverage your time earlier in the day for your most important tasks.

Did you know that the most productive brain time occurs within 2-3 hours after you wake up?  For most people, this is the time when they are trying to get themselves together to get to work.

This is just one of the reasons I advocate getting up early and using that time to do things that are important to you.

Did you also know that the successful CEO’s of major corporations actually get most of their work done BEFORE going into the office?  They use the early hours in the morning at home – why? Because of what I mentioned earlier….it’s their most productive time and also it’s the best uninterrupted time.

In order to get up early, that means you’ll have to get to bed early.  Productive people also take days off from any brain-work and they even sleep in on the weekends to maintain optimal energy.

Your body is like a machine that uses food, water and rest to generate energy that you can use to accomplish important tasks in your life and work. When you are fully rested, you can accomplish up to 5x as much then when you’re tired or burned out.

So get motivated and become an optimistic energy-hogger who’s fully rest and GET THINGS DONE!

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