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Are You Being Authentic?

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What does being authentic mean?

  • It means behaving in a way that feels meaningful and real.
  • It means being true to yourself.
  • It means being honest and self-aware.
  • It means coming from a real place within.
  • It is being ourselves and not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told what we should be.

How can you tell if you’re NOT being authentic?

  • At a certain point in your life you may find that you’ve reached a place where you feel stuck.
  • You’ve been disconnected from the things that really matter and drive you.
  • And as a result you’re no longer infusing those things into your daily life.
  • You are in a rut.
  • You’re just simply going through comfortable motions and routines in life.
  • You manage rather than challenge the status quo.
  • You are holding back on sharing your true self.
  • You don’t take care of yourself.

Well guess what – it’s time to take charge of who you really are!

What could you do?


Now what in the heck does that mean?

  • It means recognizing that you are worthy and that you have an opinion and that you deserve to be here.
  • It means forgiving yourself and move on.
  • It means accepting that you have flaws and coming to terms with those.
  • Frankly, it means not worrying about what other people think or what their opinions are of you.

Be you and accept who you really are!

Authenticity is different for each individual. It is a continuous process, not an event.

It is fundamental to having a truly satisfying and fulfilling life.

Not only is it vital for your relationship with others but more importantly for your relationship with yourself.

So find and celebrate the real you!

When you learn to accept yourself, you’re likely to find the others will accept you too – but if they don’t, it doesn’t even matter.


Why Are You Craving Sweets?


If you find yourself constantly craving a sweet taste ask yourself this:

Do you have enough sweetness in your life?

This might seem odd but craving sweet has a strong emotional connection and it is associated with “lacking”.

Perhaps you lack motivation, love, desire or comfort and affection in life.

And if you don’t have enough “sweetness” in your life, you will search for other ways to fill this void.

How can you find sweetness?

For one, stop the self-criticism!

Being overly self-critical has been shown to:

  • undermine your motivation
  • impede progress toward your goals
  • make you stressed and anxious
  • totally just make your life miserable!

 Is that what you want?

Instead, perhaps you could try to find out where your self-criticism is coming from.  How did you arrived at it?

Once you have this understanding, you can have more compassion for yourself and your pain and struggles.

After all, if you came across a friend in a similar circumstance you wouldn’t beat that person up with words of criticism, judgment and condemnation!

So why are you being so hard on yourself?!

Just stop it!!

Take a deep breathe…

You are alive.

Exhale slowly…

Enjoy the sweetness in this moment. 


Finding Joy


In life the joy we experience is directly related to our frame of mind.

No matter what you’re going through, I offer you these three things:

1. Forgiveness is the reset button for your mind and heart. You can press it at any time and as often as you wish.

2. Focusing on thankfulness increases joy in a simple and effective way.

3. There is a constant noise shouting for your attention and frankly, stressing you out. 

Retreat into solitude so that you’re able to disconnect from the world and the messages of where your self worth comes from and you can reconnect to your inner source which will tell you the truth.

Is my hope that you find joy in whatever your circumstances are today.


Be Proud of Who You Are!


It is important that we recognize our progress and take pride in our accomplishments.

I believe having pride is being self-confident and having a positive, can-do attitude.

Pride is good for our self-image, and since our self-image is critical to our happiness, it is important to be proud of ourselves for things we’ve have accomplished.

Although you may not be where you thought you’d be in life, remember that everyone has to deal with the hands they’re dealt with and you’ve done the best you could.

More importantly, know that your life is still just as full of possibilities and potential! 

It’s not too late!! 

That in itself should be enough to be proud of yourself.

In the words of S Raine:

I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows.
I am who I am from my head to my toes.
I tend to get loud when speaking my mind.
Even a little crazy some of the time.
I’m not a size 5 and I don’t care to be.
You can be you and I can be me.
I try to stay strong when pain knocks me down.
And the times that I cry is when no one’s around.
To error is human or so that’s what they say.
Well tell me who’s perfect anyway.


What is Faith?


What is Faith?

Faith is NOT wishful thinking or believing in things that do not exist.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

Simply put, this biblical definition means having trust in God and His promises.

What are His promises?

– Supply All Our Needs
– Wisdom and Guidance
– Peace
– Abundance
– Forgiveness
– Protection

I really could stop at the first one because it’s all encompassing YET there are thousands of promises that could -and do- fill a book!

Does this mean a life of no difficulties? Absolutely not!

God is concerned about what we go through, but I believe He is more concerned about how we respond to what we go through.

We will have difficulties in our lives but they are  opportunities to strengthen our faith.

So if you’re experiencing difficulties in life you have two choices: 

1. You can respond by trusting your feelings and life experiences  -or-

2. Taking Him at His word.

Faith is only as strong as something to which it is anchored. 

It is believing that what God says is true even if your emotions and reasonings do not compel the action.

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.


Your Desire to Change


The truth is it all comes down to one simple question: How badly do you want to change?

To change your life for the better requires desire.

You must have the desire to change your life from where it is right now to where you want it to be.

However, having desire to change is good but that desire must be greater than your desire to stay the same.

Why? Because…

Change is hard.

And it’s easy to get discouraged when you try and don’t get the results that you were hoping for.

But the reality is that just making the effort is in fact progress.

Change is a process. 

It is not an event with an exact starting and stopping point.

Each step (no matter how small) you make is a step in the right direction that will bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

It’s the whole premise of my 30 day challenge where  you “Transform Your Life in 15 Minutes!”

The purpose of the challenge is to help you reach your goals and it’s  done into two ways:

1. Help you to understand that you are made up of three parts: mind body and soul.

So the challenge focuses on doing five-minute (baby steps) exercises designed to help you change each of those individual parts.

2. Recommending tools to help change you to the person you want to be.

Although the challenge has ended, you can find all the recordings on my YouTube channel – just search my name: Pia McAdams. (or click the link)

Additionally, I will continue doing the daily LIVE broadcasts on my Facebook fan page.

www.facebook.com/piarmcadams 6 am PST

OK, enough of the shameless plug now back to the post…

A lot of times we think that we have to take large steps in order to facilitate change but that’s not true.

It’s actually the baby steps that gets you closer and faster to your goals because you don’t become as frustrated and overwhelmed in the process.

Understand there will be setbacks, but use them as learning opportunities.

Change is not easy.

It takes patience, persistence, and a strong commitment.

But once you make the big decision to change your life other stuff will fall into place.

Good things will happen to you when you make the change.

The choice is yours.✌🏾


Are you chasing happiness?

2017-05-24 06.53.57

Are you living your life on a deferred payment plan?

Are you waiting for some future event in order to really live or enjoy your life?

For example are you waiting:

  • to make more money?
  • to be in a relationship
  • to get a job
  • to get out of debt
  • to get your children through college
  • to complete some tasks

…in order to be happy?

If so, not only will you have a long wait but you will be disappointed.

Happiness is a habit you can acquire NOW.

If it is not learned or practice in the present it will never be experienced.

It cannot be made contingent upon solving some external problem or event.

Happiness is “a state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant a good share of the time.” (Dr. John A. Schindler)

Happiness is a mental habit which can be cultivated and developed.


Here’s an idea…

Recall a happy moment in your life and relive that over and over again.

Anytime you’re not feeling happy, mentally go to that “happy place”.

What’s your “happy place”? Share in the comments


Are you in Integrity?

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When you think of the word “integrity” does consistency, honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s action come to mind?

Well these are keywords in the definition.

When people are in integrity, you are able to visually see it through their actions, words, decisions, and outcomes.

Although we aspire to be in integrity with what we believe, sometimes we screw up.

It is doing these times it is very important to communicate that.

For example, let’s say that you committed yourself to going to a party but then on the date of the party you changed your mind and don’t want to (or can’t) go. (Never happens, right?)

Here are two scenarios:

1. You don’t show up.

Not you’re not within your integrity.

2. You call the person and let them know that you won’t be coming.

Now you’re still within your integrity to the best of your ability because although you still didn’t keep your initial word, you communicated to the person that in essence you screwed up.

That leaves a favorable impression that even if you’re unable to keep your word you’re at least honest and trustworthy to communicate it.

Today, strive to be in integrity but if you find yourself falling short at least acknowledge it by communicating.



Let Go…


Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.

Let go.

Free yourself of…

Leave it here ______________.

It doesn’t serve you.

Return Refreshed & Calm

You’ve done something good for yourself.


Show Up and Be You


It can be difficult to be true to yourself if you have no idea who you are.

We often identify with who we were in the past and assume that this has to define us today.

Or we think about who we should be and then feel as failures if we’re not.

Instead, find the courage to think about Who You Want To Be.