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Let Go…


Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.

Let go.

Free yourself of…

Leave it here ______________.

It doesn’t serve you.

Return Refreshed & Calm

You’ve done something good for yourself.


Show Up and Be You


It can be difficult to be true to yourself if you have no idea who you are.

We often identify with who we were in the past and assume that this has to define us today.

Or we think about who we should be and then feel as failures if we’re not.

Instead, find the courage to think about Who You Want To Be.


See Your Worth


You allow people to treat you the way they do.

Your energy, confidence and attitude (or lack thereof) is the currency that others transact with.

Know your value and don’t accept being treated in a way less than you deserve.

This doesn’t mean having unrealistic expectations, demands and a sense of entitlement.

It means that you deserve to be treated the way you treat others.

The minute you negotiate your self worth and accept less, you say to the universe that you don’t deserve any better, and the vicious pattern begins.

Proclaim your self worth and start a new cycle.


Love Yourself

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Loving yourself is important!

Loving yourself means accepting who are are.

Loving yourself means being happy with where you are this moment.

Loving yourself means being kind to yourself in words, thoughts and actions.

Loving yourself is caring for yourself.

Loving yourself helps doubt disappears, fears fate and you develop the ability to access your true value.

You were made perfect.

Loving yourself is a beautiful gift.


You are Enough


The truth is none of us is getting out of here alive so don’t you think it’s about time for you to start treating yourself with love?

Be the person you really are.

Be peaceful.
Be weird.
Be successful.
Be silly.
Be playful.
Be daring.
Be adventurous.
Be loving.
Be inspired.
Be joyful.

Do the things that you’ve always wanted to do.

Do pursue your passion.
Do go on vacation.
Do start a business.
Do buy a home.
Do visit your parents.
Do write the book.
Do take up a hobby.

Have whatever your heart desires.

Have a happy life.
Have a great day.
Have that delicious meal.
Have a beautiful relationship.
Have success.
Have abundance.

You only get one shot at life.

What are you waiting for?



Stop hemming and hawing!

If you’re not excited about doing something then don’t do it!

Stop overcommitting yourself then feeling stressed when either you can’t or don’t want to keep it.

If initially you’re not overly excited about doing it, then just say no. (Say the “hell” part in your mind 😉)


You Can Start Over


It’s never too late to start over. 

If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today.

Don’t stay stuck. Do better.

Life is about change.

Seasons change, human bodies change, conditions change, situations also change; in fact, nothing in nature stays the same.

You are meant to evolve and change.

There is no rewind, but you can always restart.

So hit the pause button. Breathe. Then start again.

You only have one life how do you want to spend it?


This is ‘your’ journey


Do you think being alone is a negative state of being?

⚡️⚡️News Flash⚡️⚡️

….it’s NOT!

Although society’s portrayal of it is one of social stigma, isolation or being on the outside – that’s not true at all!

Being alone helps you grow as a person. It’s the time to turn your focus inward – a perfect opportunity for self-reflection. It’s the time to think.

There’s so much to be gained when you learn to trust your own inner voice.

After all, it’s the best source for your own guidance.

Alone doesn’t mean lonely. Choice is the defining difference between the two.

If you can’t have a healthy relationship with yourself, how can you possibly have a healthy relationship with others?

Anyone that has ever done something worthwhile has spent time alone.

So embrace solitude. You may actually find it’s something you look forward to!




Have you ever left stinky trash in your house and sprayed air spray to mask the smell?

Or maybe a squirrel died in your walls and you couldn’t stand the smell so you sprayed air spray to mask it.

Even if you use Febreeze, the fresh scent will only last for a short while (despite what the commercials say).

In order to remove the stench, you first have to take the garbage out, then air out your place by opening some windows and then you can add the scent.

Well, the same thing applies with you! The difference is that it’s your mind that needs to be cleared….specifically your subconscious mind that is filled with limiting beliefs, negativity and bad habits.

Saying mantras or adding positivity to your life without clearing your subconscious mind is frustrating because you’re not going to feel like it’s working for you – at least for any extended period of time. It’s going to feel like you’re saying words that have no real meaning to you.

Well now you know why!

How do you clear your subconscious mind?

This depends on what’s in it. Some people will will need therapy, some people can use meditation while others could use some coaching.

Regardless of what you do, the first thing it takes is for you to decide that you want to do it. Once you’ve made the decision to clear out your subconscious, I promise you the answers will be revealed to you – your specific plan that will help you.

Although I can share what has helped me, it may not be applicable to you and your situation because we are all unique.

In the meantime, practice makes perfect. Continue to say your mantras and be positive. After all, even Freebreeze masks the smell for a period of time. So that mantra may be what you need to get you through a moment.

However, for lasting results you’re going to have to take the garbage out!




It’s time to let go of old beliefs about money and choose what new beliefs you want to bring forward with you into the future.


“That slight misdeed of yesterday,
why should it mar today?

The thing he said, the thing you did, have long since passed away;

For yesterday was but a trial;
today you will succeed,
And from mistakes of yesterday
will come some noble deed.

Forgive yourself for thoughtlessness,
do not condemn the past;
For it is gone with its mistakes;
their mem’ry cannot last;

Forget the failures and misdeed,
from such experience rise,
Why should you let your head be bowed?
Lift up your heart and eyes!”

Forgive. Let go. Move forward!