Set the Table

There is one quality that one must possess to win: Definiteness of Purpose.

Definiteness of purpose is the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it. Today we’re discussing “Set the Table”.  I don’t mean that literally…

Set the Table is a principle about determining what you want to accomplish. It’s about getting clarity about your goals and objectives.

One of the biggest reasons people procrastinate is vagueness and confusion about what they want to do.

Clarity is perhaps the most important concept in personal productivity. The number one reason why some people get more work done faster is because they are absolutely clear about their goals and objectives, and they don’t deviate from them. There is a powerful formula for setting and achieving goals that you can use for the rest of your life.

It consists of seven simple steps:

  1. Decide exactly what you want
  2. Write it down – Think on paper! Do you know that people who have clear written goals accomplish 5 to 10 times more than people who don’t?
  3. Set a deadline on your goal; set sub-deadlines if necessary
  4. Make a list of everything you can think of that you are going to have to do to achieve your goal
  5. Organize the list into a plan
  6. Take action on your plan immediately. Execution is everything!
  7. Resolve to do something every single day that moves you toward your major goal. Schedule your activities and never miss a day.

Clear written goals have a wonderful effect on your thinking. They motivate you and galvanize you into action.  They stimulate your creativity, release your energy, and help you to overcome procrastination as much as any other factor.

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