Why Are You Craving Sweets?


If you find yourself constantly craving a sweet taste ask yourself this:

Do you have enough sweetness in your life?

This might seem odd but craving sweet has a strong emotional connection and it is associated with “lacking”.

Perhaps you lack motivation, love, desire or comfort and affection in life.

And if you don’t have enough “sweetness” in your life, you will search for other ways to fill this void.

How can you find sweetness?

For one, stop the self-criticism!

Being overly self-critical has been shown to:

  • undermine your motivation
  • impede progress toward your goals
  • make you stressed and anxious
  • totally just make your life miserable!

 Is that what you want?

Instead, perhaps you could try to find out where your self-criticism is coming from.  How did you arrived at it?

Once you have this understanding, you can have more compassion for yourself and your pain and struggles.

After all, if you came across a friend in a similar circumstance you wouldn’t beat that person up with words of criticism, judgment and condemnation!

So why are you being so hard on yourself?!

Just stop it!!

Take a deep breathe…

You are alive.

Exhale slowly…

Enjoy the sweetness in this moment. 

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